Not working extruder stepper motor

Hello from Russia. Gathered according to your drawings CNC. Filled your firmware . Can’t run the extruder. He’s heating up. But the stepper motor does not twist. Rearranged and the engine and 8825 on the X-axis it works. Please tell me where to find the fault.

The extruder needs to be hot to extrude. The firmware has safety checks to avoid cold extrusion. I don’t know what the limit is, but if you heat it to 190C then it should extrude at that temperature.

Heated to 220 With the engine not spinning


The standard mk8 extruder


What commands are you using to try to move it?

I can’t think of another reason it could be a software issue. If you swapped the motor and 8825, then it must be a problem with the ramps or Arduino.

You could swap the pins of X and E0 in the firmware (pins_Ramps.h). Then test like that. If that moves X (which is connected to the E0) then it’s something in the software or your command. If it doesn’t, then it’s something broken in the Arduino or the ramps board.