Nothing from the Steppers

Hello, I purchased the kit from here including the wiring.

Here’s what I did so far

  1. Downloaded the Arduino IDE 1.8.0 software on my Windows 10 X64 as per instructions. IDE fires up OK.
  2. Downloaded and installed Repetier Host software. Configured the Printer setting per instructions. Had to change the COM5 port to 115200 speed as Repetier complained about the 225000 (?) speed. I can connect to the printer.
  3. I didn’t flash nor do anything with the ramp stack since I purchased it all from here.
  4. I plugged in the X, Y, Z to the controller keeping all the BLUE cables lined up.
  5. I installed the resistor to T0 as per instructions.

Here’s what it looks like:

  1. I have solid green LED on the bottom board.
  2. In Repetier Host, the log only shows: No Start signal detected - forcing start"
  3. When I use the MANUAL tab to try to move the steppers, I only get incrementing “Command Waiting” as can be seen here:

There is no humming or vibration from the steppers. Any idea where I can start the troubleshooing?

Thank you


It isn’t actually connected correctly. You have to change the buadrate in the firmware as well. I have never heard of a windows machine having this problem. Maybe try a different usb port or maybe a different usb cable.

Interesting. The baudrate should be negotiated by default? I left the Repeteir com port as auto and it selected COM5. Repetier defaulted to 255,000 (something close to it) and I got an error message when Repetier was firing up. It said the 255K wasn’t supported.

What should the baudrate be?

I will try a different USB port and cable.

Leaving the defaults should have worked.


I have another laptop, I’ll give that a shot as well and report back.

Thank you for such quick responses. It’s much appreciated!

Thank you. Figured it out. In my haste of getting this up and running, I clicked on the Arduino IDE only. When I was reinstalling everything on the other laptop, I saw the Mega/Arduino drivers and realized what I failed to do.

So I installed the Arduino drivers and all is well!

One quick question though. For me, it doesn’t matter because I have a square (X = Y). But what is the proper orientation? Like this?

It does not matter. That is the way I use it but some use it other ways. that is best if you are coming from a 3D printing world, but for cnc moving the origin is very common.