Nothing to see here (attempting stamps)

Hi folks! I’ve ordered a Lightburn license, but they are sooo slow with sending me the key! I have the evening off and I really want to finish a rubber stamp for the kindergarden my daughter goes to.

Are there any kind souls here that can borrow me a license just for the evening? I promise by the Paw of the allmighty polar bear that I’ll delete the license and replace with my own when it arrives!

Edit: sorry, I didn’t check my junk mail. Embarassing I know. At least I have the sunday evening left!


Would have helped if i could but haven’t tried it yet i would like to see how the project went i an looking to do a similar project for my sister what are the steps you used? And products and how did they work out?

Thanks for the consideration! :slight_smile: (I moved the topic since the stamp making could be useful to other users)

I’ve not been very lucky so far. The issue is that the stamp is supposed to be 30mm tall, and it has too much details.

My different attemps are as follows:

  • Hardwood, with 45* vbit. Nice and crisp cut, but small details fray off. The wood leaves a pattern of it’s own. Kinda nice effect, but it all depends on what stamp/application it’s being used for.
  • Rubber from bikecycle hose glued to wood, with 45 vbit. Didn’t work well at all. The rubber was so soft that everything got mooshy. The glue didn’t hold either.
  • Thick rubber with vbit. Also fraying with small details.
  • Thick rubber with laser. Super anxious about the fumes, but supposedly EPDM rubber can be lasered without toxic fumes. It still STIIINKS bigtime, and my chemical tolerant breathing mask is not able to hold it out. Everything got messy here as well, the small details are impossible to cut out in a nice way.

Lessons learned:

  • I need an exhaust fan on my small CNC-room. Even though there’s no toxic cuts being done, I need to effeciently ventilate, just because of my anxiety concerning unhealthy stuff and getting bad smell out.
  • Hard linoleum is the recommended material for easy stamp making. I’ve ordered it - but my impatience have led me to try out other materials. Cutting linoleum with a vbit should be a nice solution.
  • Most materials can be used for stamps actually. It all depends on the level of details needed and what style you want!
  • If I want to try out the laser furthermore for stamp making, there’s a special type of rubber that’s made for this sole purpose. I think this is the best option if high level of detail is wanted!
  • The most important lesson of them all: REMEMBER TO FLIP THE STAMP HORIZONTALLY! :smiley:

Thank you very much for the insight it will help in getting things in line faster i hope