Nut trap design error international edition

I’m having the same problem as mentioned in one of the comments on thingiverse. The nut traps seems to be designed a little bit to big. 3.5m is way to small for the nut traps. Even m4 nuts turn around in the nut traps. All the other measurements are correct, so this does not seem to be a problem with the calibration of my printer. A standard m3.5 nut is about 6mm wide and m4 is 7mm wide. The nut traps however are designed for 8mm…So I think it’s kind of weird nobody else mentioned this before or they all just have badly calibrated printers haha. However, I just glued them in since I already printed almost every part.

Anyway, it’s a great design and i’m looking really forward to my first prints. Thanks vicious.

already fixed it in a better way than glueing.
long live the 3d printer haha.

Only took me 30 minutes to print 48 of them.