Nut trap size question for 25mm version

I have printed the parts for the 25mm version but the holes that will trap the M3.5 nuts (never heard of M3.5 btw) are way too big even for M4 which I have bought and was planning on using. The nut traps are perfect for M5 though so I thought I could drill the holes for the bolts a bit bigger and go for M5 instead. Would there be any problems going for M5 that I am not considering? Would be nice to know before I potentially destroy the printed parts. I have read the *** part on the parts page but sourcing the imperial bolts would be more troublesome than drilling out the holes for the M5 bolts.

Been planning on building a MPCNC for years now, bought all the pieces a long time ago and it will finally happen now when I am on vacation. I will send a donation to show my appreciation when I have put it together.

In the assembly instructions there is a link to a completely customization nut lock. Print it any size you want. This is the one part that you should never have to deal with other than the first time. I think most just glued the nuts in, printed sleeves or customized it.

I am sorry you are having difficulty finding M3.5 and 6/32" here they are both quite common, but I can not redesign every single piece to all hardware sizes. Just need to make it work once.

Didn’t realize that there was a printed part called nut trap. What I meant was for all printed parts that make use of a M3.5 bolt and nut, the holes that trap the nuts are too big that is why I am now planning on using M5 instead because a M5 nut fits perfectly. So the parts are for example Foot 2018, F not lock, F tool mount. I am not asking you to redesign the parts I was just wondering if you see any problems using M5 instead of M3.5 or 6/32″ apart from the fact that I need to drill the holes for the bolts bigger?

I would not drill bigger holes. Smaller is fine. The nut traps are mostly for looks I still use needle nose pliers or flat head screwdrivers to secure them when tightening.

Ok thanks I will try that and see if I can make it work with the M4 I have.