Octopi acting weird

Hi to you great people. This question is on the side of v1, but you are like family, and what isn’t the family for - other than bugging them about all your issues?? :innocent: (and you might have an educated insight, which is more than many families and communities got!)

The thing is- my octopi server for the prusa has started acting out. The web gui has been slow and freezing, even though the prints have gone well.

I’ve re-installed using several different sd-cards, to rule out storage issues. Pinging only works seldom and randomly. I have the official power supply. I’ve changed the router recently, keeping ssid and pw. I don’t see how this can affect it. Octopi shows up on lan scan, and host name works on and off.

I guess next step is trying another pi. What do you guys think?

I am not sure, but I have some weird ideas:

  1. are you using a pi zero? I have heard the 2 does ok, but the zero acts like this.

  2. It seems like it is be network related. The browser will request a couple of connections and keep a websocket open (IIRC). It may be that you have multiple dns servers set up and the first is timing out, so each connection waits for that first one to time out. Can you try using the ip address directly (instead of the octopi.local)?

  3. Or can you try wiring the pi in directly with ethernet? Maybe the wifi isn’t as strong and it is dropping a lot more traffic.

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Hi jeff! You are a hero, as always.

I’m using the 4b+, 4gb ram (overkill I know).

I think you might be on to something about the connectivity issues. The new router has better reception in general, but it might be WORSE in the spot where the printer’s at. Understanding radio signals is even more confusing than Lutheran theology.

I’m lucky to have ethernet available in that area of the house - I’ll try it out tomorrow! Thanks for hearing me out :+1:


No such thing as over kill! I am using the same for my 3D printer, if they were not over 100$ now I would buy another one!

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I’m glad I entered my pi-addiction before the “chip crisis”, so that I’ve got a few extra “just in case” . And what do you know, there’s always a need for a pi! :smiley:
a national electronics/reprap supplier(Digital impuls) actually got a supply of zero w 2’s recently, so I got a few for myself, my brother, my father in-law and HIS brother… :grin: (they all want video in their bird boxes!) The store didn’t increase the prices THAT much (much cheaper than the average ebay price at least).