Octoprint / cncjs

Hey so…
With octoprint now having a sub to use on a android phone as a .APK do you think we could get someone brilliant to do the same for cncjs as it’s nearly the same? Below is a link I’ve come across it was just posted, he’s saying that using a phone would be much quicker then a pi4 even, seems hard to believe but wanting to use some up I have kicking around. Hope someone will jump on this for cncjs…


But how would I play games on my phone while the machine is running? Could you imaging a text from the wife coming in and interrupting a print?

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Well you gotta have old phones laying around? That’s the whole solution. Im sure in today’s age there’s tons that would out preform a pi spec wise. Why not use it. The cameras in a phone is much better then any webcam. Hoping someone forks it for a APK.

Sounds good, but then grbl and Marlin still use antiquated arduino serial methods. If there was anything I truly hope for with devs, is that someone rewrites grbl and Marlin to use proper usb available on most modern micros these days. The stuttering arc due to ‘ok’ is why I still use the old sneaker net. Not willing to compromise my prints… don’t print enough to do that anyways.