octoprint, hints needed

I have octoprint(1.3.6) partly working (file handling, print start, temperature monitor, webcam) with the raspi/ramps combo(firmware preinstalled from summer) but I can not see the gcode in the octoprint terminal (only temperatures) and consequently there is also nothing in the gcode viewer.

How to get the gcode displayed in octoprint? Any hints?

It doesn’t show the gcode in the viewer because it thinks all moves without extrusion are travel moves.

I fergot; I use it in the moment as 3D-Printer, means extrusion is present …

Hmmm. That’s weird. It should just act just like a regular printer then. Are you sure the gcode is right? Does it print? Can you print using a known good gcode file? Maybe post to an octoprint forum. It should be just like any Marlin printer.

It prints nice … May be it has to be started from octoprint itself and not from the SD-card?

If you print from the LCD, then octoprint won’t know what gcode you’re using. If you load the gcode through the octoprint web interface, either to the pi or the SD, then load it from the file list, you can see the gcode preview. When you print from the octoprint interface, it will show progress in the preview.

Thanks(!), I’ll try. It was poorly explained within the octoprint heaven

That was it … now I have octoprint for MPCNC 3D-printing in all its glory, a nice toy. Milling etc. is better live to watch :-). Thanks again!