OctoPrint movement controls

When I press the move arrows in Octoprint it generates G1 commands. Is anyone aware of a way to make it use G0 instead? I’ve looked everywhere but can’t find it.

I used to control my laser with M42 commands, but I’ve started using LightBurn and it doesn’t support that, so I’ve reconfigured my firmware with #define LASER_POWER_INLINE but now it keeps wanting to turn the laser on with G1 moves.

I don’t know how to make the change you asked for but… You could install the Custom Control Editor and watch the demo video about how to create custom buttons. Then make your own buttons. The cool part is you could optionally have text boxes to control the Distance and feedrate. Ask if you need help. I have made it work.

Thanks, I use custom buttons quite a bit, I was just hoping to use the built-in buttons.