Octoprint text messaging plugin

Oh man. Open source is awesome. I dropped an idea in a github issue for octoprint, and it was interesting enough for someone who knows what they are doing to build a plugin for it. Granted, this is about 10 lines of code, but it works great, and I’m sure there was plenty of time spend testing that code to find the right ten lines. I am just so happy with how that worked out, although I unfortunately feel like I want to roll it back a bit to make it a little more useful.

This is one of those cases where I think, “The Internet is amazing!”.


I thought for a second that you suggested them to implement some sort of text messaging, as in SMS, in octoprint. (Thinking of my search for a good way to get notifications on M600) :crazy_face:

I asked the developer behind Hershey Text to add the Æ, so that I can use inkscape to write my norwegian christmas letters with a plotter… He did it. People are truly nice out there, against all assumptions!

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I’m sure that would help you :). I think the trouble with text messaging api’s is that they always seem to cost money. Either they are free for a few messages (hoping they can get you hooked to pay more) or they charge for the message service.

I am thinking I will actually maintain this though. There is an enormous amount of boilerplate around it, and I need to maybe just rename some stuff, but I do actually think it makes the terminal way easier to read:

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That’s hilarious…and AWESOME

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