Odd behavior. Offsetting layers horizontally while running .nc file

Just today the CNC machine has been offsetting horizontally during milling. I’m not certain but it seems as though each time it makes a pass on a carve it then shifts in the x direction and then mills the next carve offset in the negative x direction.

Rapid speed too high, fee rate too high, axis binding, low driver voltage? if it is every layer it is a software issue, if it is random , probably hardware. Feed rate, what CAM software?

it is pretty consistent. I just re-flashed with your marlin and i keep getting an error when I connect. I have the resistor installed.

well I just deleted the min and max temp from config.h and that worked

reflashing it fixed the offseting issue but it continues to plunge deeper and deeper. Everything is tight. The z-lock is not slipping and the coupler is not slipping. I replaced all of the stepper drivers and tuned them to 0.5v I’m not sure whats causing this. The first 5 carves are great and then it plunges deeper until the machine with potentially get stuck.

Did you take out the spring and small nut on the z axis, if not you should? Why .5V? the X and Y should be at .7V or higher if you are using my hardware and steppers, and the Z should be .4-.7v. What tool are you trying to move around on your z, and what plunge and rapid rate?

Two most obvious things it could be is the Z axis is too tight and it takes more power to lift than to drop so It isn’t lifting back up. Or your z accel and step rate is too high and it just won’t move it.

Try changing the z acceleration in the firmware to 40 and the max rate to 8. This should not have to be done but it is a quick fix for whatever is really wrong with your z axis.

Are you using Estlcam? What version? I had a very similar issue and it was caused by an undeclared depth that was missed in software. I believe Christian has fixed this with 8.109.


i removed the spring a while ago. I’ll change the voltage to 0.7 and I will lower the accel and see if that works.

Try this Beta firmware


Lowering the accel helped alot. There is still a slight drop at certain point but I will try your beta firmware and look into possibly reducing the max feedrate and accel even more. Im not all too worried about speed as am with accuracy. Currently Im working with wood and the cuts take no more than 30 minutes to complete.

Turns out a lot of people were trying to over drive there z axis, way too fast. the new firmware limits this. This could very well be your problem. May speed is 8.7mm/s with a low accel on the z. the other axis are 197mm/s.