Official table design?



I’m planning on building a LowRider and am searching for any official plans for the table. At the Assembly URL, it just says “More details to come.” and that the ideal thickness is 4". I’m wondering where to go from here and what is required. I am not sure of where to even go for a description of what is needed for a table to work - i.e. rails (if needed), lengths, design considerations, etc.

Any idea of when some more official descriptions and diagrams may be available or at least a pointer to specific needs for a table design?



Sorry we all went in totally different directions with the table, there is really no one size fits all. I never bothered to put up “plans” for a large box. All you need is a table 1-4" thick the size of your build in the calculator. You can see by the pics you will need a corner to screw the belt holders into.

I got away with a cheap table tennis table.

By no means ideal but for 130nzd it’s doing all it needs to do. I’m looking at surfacing the whole thing to make sure I’m level in relation to the lowrider but tbh I’m not sure if I even need to do that.