OG rambo

Could I use an original rambo for a mp3dp build?

I’m not sure what you mean by original. The big (not mini) rambo? The Rambo 1.3? Something earlier?

We have a rambo configuration for the MP3DP in MarlinBuilder releases.

The one from a rostock max v3 all it says is rambo

It looks very similar to the one I used in the primo.

It even uses the same lcd adapter

Do you want to share a pic? It is worth a shot.

Yeah! I would have sooner but I was at work when I asked.

I did a bit of searching. I believe this a Rambo 1.3 board based on my searches. The only difference between the Rambo 1.3 and 1.4 is a servo pin, so the V13DP_Rambo- should work.

I knew there were subtle differences and I didn’t know how many variations there are.

Thanks for the help. I’m probably going to upgrade the rostock to duet 2 wifi and build an mp3dp with the rambo.

It sure looks like the 1.3. The only difference to the 1.4 is that lcd adapter board isn’t needed on the 1.4. I trust Robert that the pins file also moved a servo pin. But the firmware does work on the 1.3.

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Yay for more printers!