OK, got a weird one. TFT35 screen backwards

OK, I just got a new TFT35 E3 3.0 in to replace my old one that had a couple of extraneous lines on the display. Connected it and flashed the current firmware and I’m seeing everything reversed and upside down…

Any idea what’s going on? I’ve double checked the wiring and it matches what’s suggested.

See here:

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The new firmware is not reversible so we updated the firmware. That new link should be good to go.

What I flashed it with is V1CNC_SkrPro_Dual_2209- and TFT_E3V3_1_7_21.zip, thinking that they were the latest. Do I have the wrong ones?

The prerelease here, https://github.com/V1EngineeringInc/BIGTREETECH-TouchScreenFirmware/releases

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Thanks, that seems to have done it… Somehow I was reading that I needed to go to BTT’s site to download the current, instead of from our github. Ah, spoke too soon, this seems to be configured still for a printer and it skipped the screen setup, so some areas aren’t touchable.
It’s sure nice being out in the garage bringing the Primo up, it’s been over four years since the accident and though I can’t do much myself I have a couple of friends to do the work involving standing and walking. :slight_smile:


So glad to hear that! What a long road.

Try the touch reset shown here, SKR Pro - V1 Engineering Documentation

Make sure to get all the files so the configuration update files, it should be ready for a CNC.

It looks like the config.ini in the November prerelease isn’t the correct one. It’s still unedited from the BTT version. There is enough differences that I’ll have to spend some time going through to see what’s different…

current tft.zip (1.6 MB)

This should be good to go, I will look through the pre-release again.

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Updated with that and it looks correct. :slight_smile: V!CNC 513D Ready and no temperature complaints. I’ll do the reset.txt thing so it redoes the calibration… Adjustment success, white knob instead of red. :slight_smile:

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I think we need to update it one more time and then I will do a deep dive. There seemed to be a memory card issue for a bit, I think it is fixed.

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And onward… All connected up and all cabling reversed once (I figured I had a 50:50 chance to get it right the first time, turns out random would have been better. :)). I can walk it around the area with R-H as well as moving the Z up and down. I can home Y, but when I hit Home for X it just buzzes/clatters. Normally that symptom would have me looking at the wiring, but it moves so smoothly when not homing… I tested with M119 and both limit switches for X are working (unless I bumped something I shouldn’t, I better retest that).

Is that from the marlin side or tft side? Try the Marlin side, the tft has all of its own settings that have not been thoroughly gone through.

It’s a bad limit switch. It was working when I was doing the M119 tests (all Repetier-Host manual commands), but failed sometime between then and the first Home X test. It shows as always triggered, yet both wires are connected correctly. I have some spares, just need to find them and solder the wires on.

That’s odd. If you get a chance pop it open and see what is going on.

Got it… John had cut one of the wires in the wrong place, so he spliced them back together, soldered and wrapped with tape. When I removed the tape the solder joint was still good, but the copper on one side had broken inside the insulation. I redid the splice and heatshrinked over the splice and it’s working again. I just had to ohm out each wire segment to see where the break was…


I created a simple update to the latest firmware for the TFT Ryan posted in December that basically removes the 3d print buttons and info and replace them with move, home, settings, EM Stop. I also swapped the print symbol which is a hot end to the spinal symbol. they are really simple changes but makes the touch screen (I know marlin is better) a little more user friendly for the MPCNC and not geared to a 3d printer. If that is something people are interested in I can get the files and source code to … Ryan Im not sure?


I love it! We used to have something similar.

The best course of action is to try to get that pulled into BTT’s actual firmware. Triggered to happen when the config .ini contains extruders=0. This would put us back to epic status with this screen for the CNC users.

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But in the mean time I’d love to play with it! :slight_smile: