Ok to cut adapter

Hey all,

I’ve been building my first MPCNC I’ve been able to over come most problems but it wasn’t I went to plus in the stepper motors that I discovered the plugs don’t fit in the Rambo 1.4 board.

Would it be safe to shave the plastic down on the plugs so that they fit? (I’m already ba bit worried if I have wired the motors in series correctly. I followed the color chart Ryan created)

That would probably work as a last resort, but the proper technique would be to cut off the connector and crimp the correct one.

Thanks! Yeah I ordered the replacement cables online but they are a few weeks out.

I don’t supposed you know the name of the connectors? The ones I ordered look right but I couldn’t find the name of the connectors.

The Rambo board will accept Dupont connectors, and I fairly sure the stepper motor cable will as well. The wiring Ryan sells uses Dupont connectors on both ends. As a temporary or even permeant solution, you can buy something like these. You need M/F and shorter is probably better. The one downside to using Dupont connectors is that they don’t lock together. You will need to tape the connections and provide strain relief at the control board. I use the V1 wiring (which has Dupont connectors), and I’ve never had a problem.

Edit: And you can always cut the Dupont connector and solder it to your stepper wiring. I always struggle with crimping Dupont connectors, so at times I’ve resorted to soldering the pre-made connectors to my wiring.

Thanks for your reply and for the name of the connectors.

I’m definitely going to see if I can source them locally.

The nema17 motors I have are 6 pin so I actually soldered on these incorrect 4 pin connectors.

I live in Tokyo would have been great if I could have sourced the parts from Ryan’s shop but international shipping was way too high. Not his fault it is what it is.

It’s all very new to me. Took m a few hours to figure out that needed to flip over the connectors on my display because they were incorrectly assembled.