OK to use 1.050" tubing?

I am in USA and I have steel supplier with many options for tubing at 1.050" OD. I can’t seem to find any information on whether this will work or not. 25.4mm should be 1.000". 1.050" converts to 26.67mm. I have seen some posts where the 1.050" size is mentioned but where it may be acceptable. I tried searching this forum but it always says no results found, regardless of what I search for. Thanks for your help!


No, It isn’t even practical to use 25.4mm tubes with 25mm “F” parts (.4mm difference).

ETA: You should be commended for sorting out your tubing size before buying/printing parts. Too many people make this discovery after they have acquired an incompatible combination of parts/tube.

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Yeah a guy in the fb group measured his at 1.05 and couldn’t get a bunch of things to fit.

I wish it would work but no, it’s too far out. The “black pipe” for water or gas at the orange store is about 1.05 and if it worked it would be a nice option stiffer than EMT conduit that doesn’t require a specialty store.

@blainesgarage is doing some scaling to attempt a larger build 1” conduit Primo XL project 1.163” so there might be some lessons to be learned from that.


Thank you for the responses, I appreciate the help. I’ll see what I can find in the prescribed sizes and not consider the 1.050" any further.

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It’s nice to save money :moneybag:, but long term the stainless steel is the best option! Corrosion is a problem in galvanized and raw steel. Get the 1" OD .065 stainless steel. Save yourself many problems and headache​:dizzy_face:. I have the SS. E
I’ve seen posts about the corrosion problems. Good luck on build.

I assume I need seamless (not welded) 1" 304 Stainless 0.065 wall thickness from Grainger at $80 for 6 feet. Correct?

That sound about right. I spent a little more and had everything pre cut from metal depot

Welded is ok and non-stainless mild steel is ok if you are not in a high humidity environment. But what you listed is also good, if a bit expensive.

I am using welded .065 SS and it’s great got mine locally for about 7.00 a ft.

Just keep the bearings off of the welds.

For my first CNC, I wanted to conserve costs and upgrade later (to stainless).

In the docs, it says you can get steel tubing for $12. Where in the USA can you get that? Can’t find anything at Lowes or Home Depot. It’s all 25.4mm Inner diameter.

You have to go to a steel supply house where contractors/metal work would shop. You could also check grainger supply. Like I said I got mine locally under 10 bucks a foot. Big box stores won’t have it.

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Thanks everyone, I went with 1.000 OD regular steel DOM, .065 wall, was not very expensive. Easy enough to try something else if this is not satisfactory. Just about finished printing my parts and have placed order for my build kit. Looking forward to it.


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