Okay time to start, but a couple questions

For the SS tubing I’ll probably just get it though Grainger as they are just a 15 minute drive so no shipping cost. looking to build a 4’ wide machine, also going to go with a 1.5kw spindle.

so the tubing comes in 304 or 316 and comes in the welded or seamless, or course I’m guessing the more expensive 316 seamless is “better” but I think the seamless part is only for withstanding internal pressures, and the 316 also seam to have a higher resistance to corrosion both of which don’t seam to apply, so unless there’s some other reason to go with the 316 or seamless, I could go with 304 and welded for about half the price… right?

also as far as the wheels go are these just regular “rollerbade” wheels and bearings, think I have an old pair in storage somewhere?..


Thanks in advance everyone, this is a great project!


Type of stainless doesn’t really matter, if it has a seam, just make sure a bearing doesn’t ride on it. They’re usually ground, but sometimes you’ll get a bump. As long as the wheel diameter works, your old blades will probably be fine as long as you didn’t grind a flat on any of the wheels.

I think most roller hockey wheels are about 70mm and the planned ones are 60mm. If the wheels you have are new, then it might ride a bit high.