Old Carriage to New Carriage Part Differences

Hi, I’m sure this has been asked before but I haven’t run across it yet.

What are the hardware differences between the old carriage design and the new carriage design?
I almost done printing my news parts, and I need different bolts lengths, etc… get them upfront.


The changes were made more than a year ago. The parts page and thingiverse are current.

Thanks for the fast response
I suppose if I dig long enough I’ll find the old parts page…

I just thought there might be a post talking about what the hardware changes are between the old and the new configs
(So I can make just one trip to the hardware store)


Are you saying you have the old one and you are upgrading?

I should have linked this somewhere but It was cool digging through some of the older design threads. Only things you should need to buy are, 4×2.5″ and 1×5″, 5/16 bolts.

You are correct, I’m upgrading… Looking forward to getting rid of the old carriage.

Is the rail spacing (in Z direction) the same between the old and new? Would be nice to keep my old corner blocks and XY for now.


the 23.5 is the same, the other two are very close, close enough probably not to worry about it.

I was assuming they were… Thanks for confirming