old DW660 mount

I haven’t upgraded to the 525 version yet (stop throwing things at me!).

I just broke my DW660 mount though, and I can’t find the files for the old mount. Does anyone have the old STL for it?

I think this is it.

I really do have 3Gb of STLs!

Dewalt_660_router_mount_for_MPCNC.zip (301 KB)

Thank you Barry!

3GB… That is a lot of triangles… I wonder how much I would have if I kept it this organized. Most of my files don’t escape the Downloads folder.

Hmmm. This will work, but it isn’t the original mount. Do you have the one Ryan made, or maybe does someone else have that one? I feel like I’m looking a gift horse in the mouth but…

I think this is the more rigid version, and they made a few design changes:

  • They made it mate with the DW660 in only one direction
  • They flipped the original direction (at least, it’s flipped from the way I had mine before).
  • The wrapped the posts.

If I left the posts wrapped, it interferred with the bearing on the left side post. So I cut that down with a hacksaw after I printed (when I first realized the problem).

I was able to mount it after that, but it moved the DW660 down about an inch or so, now I have barely enough room to cut 3/4" material. I have the minimum sized legs (and I drilled the mounting holes at the very bottom of my z axis conduit for some reason).

I do appreciate it though Barry, this will get me cutting again. I am making the MP3DP, and I hope to use it to print the 525 version. I just like the story of the newest machines taking part in building the newer ones. Sort of like a family. A heartless robotic family.

Sorry I forgot to add it and mistakenly deleted the email.

Awesome. Thank you.

Old DW660 Mount

Here is the one I made… It is beefed up a little.

Yeah, that’s the one that Barry gave me. With my configuration, it limits the z too much, even after I cut off the sleeves that go around the EMT. Definitely tougher though.