Old mpcnc parts (free)

I built a primo, and now don’t need my original mpcnc. I think the 525. I don’t want any money for it if someone can use it, but I don’t want to pay to ship it. Local pickup in Oregon, or you pay shipping. I can post pictures if interested. It is the emt conduit version.


I would be interested in this, I have been checking this site for almost a year now and just got a 3dprinter and have started to make some of the items for a mpcnc machine. I think just having some items around and test putting it together would help me with a final build, or maybe even see if I could do an upgrade to this one. I will message you my information if that is okay.


I was really hoping for a local pickup so I didn’t have to deal with shipping. I’ll try to post some pictures up tomorrow.