On-Call Sign

My department needs a way of letting other departments know who to go to when they walk up.

I threw this together last week and milled it out over the weekend. It will get primed and painted throughout this week now that I verified it will work.

  • 1/8 and 1/16 end mills
  • 40 in/min
  • .1 in DOC
  • Designed in Inventor w/ built-in CAM to produce gcode

The Particle Board seems to work ok for projects that don’t have to be perfect. I need to get some MDF and see how well that performs.

[attachment file=33159]

I finished painting the sign last night. I could have spent more time cleaning up the particle board edges, but it looks good enough for it’s purpose.

[attachment file=33944]

Looks good David! I never really have been a fan of particle board for anything other than building sheds, deer stands, and dog houses. I think MDF would for sure give you a better finish just because of the smaller fibers. I haven’t worked with MDF much, but plan to play around with it a bit once I get my mpcnc up and going.

I agree 100%, but I had this laying around and it was a non-paying gig.