One more Project done! Tie Rack

Hi everyone,
I finished my side of the closet over the weekend and found out I did not have any place for my Ties.
I looked online and found couple of ideas that if mixed together would work well in my closet.
So I use fusion 360 to design the Tie Rack, use Maple for the main part and my local Hardware store had some dark wood rod that I cut and use espresso stain to make it darker and here is the resolt, hope you like it.

Thank you for looking.



That looks really nice. Thanks for sharing.

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Very nice!
A tie rack, a tie rack.
I don’t even own A tie let alone enough that would necessitate an entire rack, what am I gonna do with a tie rack.
(Hat tip to Wayne and the psycho hose beast)

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That is classy!
You should offer that on etsy with custom monogram. Great work.


LOL :rofl: :joy: That is funny !! I have couple friends that said the same thing!
Bud I used to wear tie at list twice a week before the Audio Visual industry shut down because of the the virus and in the new closet I had no place for then… so I had the time to make something…

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Thank you!!
My wife said the same thing and I think I will do it… I just need to figure out the cost…

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Wow nice job.

The finished product by itself looked good. But wow, with all of your ties and accessories it looks amazing.

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Looks awesome, there’s certainly a market for this. Just make sure you don’t under value your time, you don’t want to be working for a pittance. If you end up making a few, for those recesses in the top I’d consider cutting a template with your CNC and hogging out that material manually with a regular router, it will save you a huge amount of time.

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