One of steppers don't move at all.

Hello, I have a bit of a problem with my Ramps 1.6+ and steppers.
Connected everything accroding to:

But… While homing one of the X motors (X1 on linked picture) doesn’t move at all It’s stuck in one place. Pushing it helps to get to its destination.
Tried everything to fix that, swapped X with Y, same problem with one of Y motors, swapped drivers and still same problem, even swapped Ramps to brand new one… still one of motors is not working as it should. I have checked wires with multimeter everything is ok.

I am using Repetier-Host v2.1.6, firmware on arduino is from github preconfigurated for ramps with dual endstops.
Power supply has 12v output, connected it only to the + - input, not the Heatbed but I dont think that’s the reason since im only powering 4 steppers, Z axis isnt connected at all. My steppers are 3,1V 2,5A with DRV8225 set to 0.750V (+/- 0.020V).

Did a small gcode run, It seems like the motors are working fine, problem only occurs on homing.

Check M119

Seems like x_min is TRIGGERED, Checked for shorted wires or connectors, there were none.

Quickest thing is just to swap the pins in the firmware to another endstop signal pin.