one stepper not homing

I have been away from my mpcnc for a while just now getting the endstops set up. all motors turn i have cut parts from foam and plotting stuff.

the problem is when i home the y axis one motor will not turn negative. x will home z will home but one of the 2 y will not.

the motor in question will do everything i ask of it but home so the y is put in a bind by to other motor. there is power on it when homed just won’t move not even skipping.

off to work thanks for y’alls help

I had pulled out a pin in the endstop connector on one wire. When I put it back in I put it in the wrong slot of the three. It caused a similar fault. Double check all your wire pairs and connectors and any splices and positions of the terminations to make sure that all are in the right spot.

What do you get when you put in M119?

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That makes sense I was working in my drag chain this morning and that end stop runs through there I bet it shorted and made a closed state I will Chek it when I get home thank you for your time and thoughts on my machine edog1


that was it very cool, homing is done. thanks for your help Marion. and i keep forgetting m119 very useful

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