Open desk cantine table

I found the git hub repo, but it’s missing a lot of the new stuff, anyone have the files for the cantine table or any of the new designs?

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Sketchup’s 3D Warehouse had a bunch of the opendesk pieces, I can’t swear to it that the cantine table is there tho. It might just have the pieces in the git hub.

ya it is, but this sketchup file is weird, i can’t explode, it seems like more of a shell or mesh than a solid model i can manipulate. Have you had any luck extracting some info from these files?

I made dxf files for Estlcam a few months back for the lockers, but never cut them because I ran into issues with my machine (not Lowrider). I just remember using the profiles, and making the dxf’s. If you can find the cantine table on 3D Warehouse, I can whip up the dxf’s for ya.


EDIT: I just looked at it in SU20118, and man that thing is outta whack something fierce. I’ll see what I can do, but it’s hard to tell from the model what the hell is actually going on haha

ya, exactly, I’d kill for an STP and it’d be super simple. All those mating parts mess up the model when you try to pull off individual piece profiles.