desings no longer available


I sadly found that the desings are no longer available from and this option have been removed since a while and for a not clear reason since they claim it to be due to “maintenance” but according to web found reports they removed it too much time ago to really make sense that have done it due to maintenance.

The point is that the files are still allowed to use for non comercial purposes (what fit with the use I would make, but are no longer available).

There are still a couple of sources where some of the designs can be found with the designs in sketchup format that I don’t know how to split in parts with fusion 360 with some missing designs

Could possibly someone have the studio desk design and others?

I remember them having a funny system where you signed up, and they would email you a .zip file. I probably have 1 or 2 of them, but I also remember some language to the effect of not having permission to share them again. It sucks, but they aren’t our files to share.

No worries Jeff, thank you for replying… I could build other table I have all the files for.

two questions :

Some of the parts I need are 20% bigger than my machine cut area. Any trick or suggestion for cutting bigger pieces? I was thinking on put some border so I could align the parts as accurate as I could.

I was former user of octoprint, and I heve switched to CNCjs that is great for controlling the MPCNC, but I’ve seen that when I start a job with one of mi laptops, I can’t access to my rpi address and see how the job is doing, since the ongoing job seems to be just accessible from the machine have launched it. Have you seen the same behaviour?


No, but I haven’t tried that recently.

You need a board stretcher :P.

If there’s a natural place to split the pieces, you can joint them again with dovetails or with a dogbone shape that spans the joint.

If you can leave the board long amd still mill it, you can drill some registration holes for dowels in the work and the spoil board. Then when you move the piece over to carve the rest, you can drill more registration holes in the spoil board where the dowels are supposed to be. Sort of a two sided operation but on the same side.

If you do the cutting in two and re-gluing option it might be a great excuse to pick up a biscuit joiner they are great for stuff like that.