Ordered some bits, drag chains, and touch off plate.

I’m curious if anyone else has ordered from Banggood.com? I ordered a set of 10 1/8in 2 flute carbide upcut bits ($9.89) and a 10 pc set of 1/8in 2 flute carbide ball nose ($6.68). Wondering if anyone else has had any experience with these or not? They have a ton of CNC parts. I’ll be one of the first to question the quality of these but given the price I had to give it a hot. They also had a nice touch off plate for $6.38 and several sizes of drag chains available. I also picked up a nice 1/8 in t-slot cutter for $2. I figured that would be nice to cut channels in my spoilboard for some hold downs. Interested to know if I’ve wasted my money or not lol. I’ve included links to the item. At least they give the specs for the bits to help create the tools in the software.


Just compared the first item, you saved $0.49 off Aliexpress. :slight_smile: Let us know how quickly they arrive and whether you have any issues with payment.

Is that drag chain a bit large? I think the one I purchased off Amazon was bigger than I needed, and it was smaller than yours. What size are people using? I was thinking 15x15 or 10x15 was more appropriate.

Never had issues with Banggood. Like them better than Ali

I have ordered from banggood before and while slow I got what I ordered. On aliexpress I know you are dealing with many sellers. Is banggood the same way? Banggood appears to be just one seller to me.

I printed my own cable chain and it worked really well. I printed 2 5" lengths at a time and octoprint told me that each time I did that it cost me about a dollar.
my cable chain
I will be watching this thread to see how your end mills and touch plate work!

I got all of my parts last Friday. That took about 20 days or so to get everything. All of the parts feel to be of good quality. I’m excited to get the system finished and up and running now. I too have a printed cable chain and I I have to say the one from BG is so much smoother. It’s also nice that it opens up to access the cables. I’ll be using both so I can test out how well they both work side by side.

I also ordered the touch plate and three cutting bit links you listed - it took 10 days to arrive from when I ordered (total was $27 including tracking).

Haven’t had a chance yet to use the bits, but everything seems to be quality made.