Oregon dish

So this is my first 3d cut, I had some chatter issues at anything under full speed on the Makita router but I think that has more to do with a dull bit than anything else(had a failed cut that overheated and wedged/extracted the bit).

The final pictures are without any finishing other than cutting off the holding tabs, what do you all think? I’m surprised to have such limited machining marks, I really thought my machine would need more tweaking to get results like this.

[attachment file=37270]
[attachment file=37271]
[attachment file=37272]
[attachment file=37273]
[attachment file=37274]
[attachment file=37275]
[attachment file=37276]
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Dang you did all of that with that short little bit? That is impressive!


Gallery for sure.

It was about a .5mm of clearance to the collet, cutting it really close on that one. I’ll definitely be getting some longer bits.

Looks great! Are you in Oregon? I’m in Salem.

Thank you!

I lived in Portland for a few years and met my lovely partner there, she is from Newberg.

We reside in Knoxville, Tn now.