Original Instructions?

Hello, I have a complete original/v1 kit that I never assembled. I’m finally in a position where I have the space and time to do it. My problem is that I can’t find the right set of instructions for assembling the parts I have. They used to be at the bottom of the instructions page but I can’t locate them now. Thanks!


I don’t have them stashed anywhere, lesson learned, sorry. I will keep the old stuff past a year from now on. The parts may look different but function very similarly. You should be able to follow along with the new ones and if you get stuck drop a picture up here and one of us will get you squared away ASAP.

Hrmm. What’s the delta between my original pieces and the current generation? What would I need to reprint?

Ok first problem. It seems like all of my printed parts that I purchased from you guys are 23MM not 23.5MM. Could this be possible? The conduit I have is all 23.5 and I was able to force the legs in one side but the other wasn’t happening. I checked with a digital caliper and they all seemed to be 23MM. Any ideas what’s going on? Do I just need to print a whole new set of parts?



All the middle pieces. I still have the original stepper mounts and carriages, but the center assembly and spindle mount are the new parts.

The feet have always been tight.

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If you have the very first gen ( doubt it, those were only out a week or so) then every single piece has changed. To know what is different I would need a pic but probably all pieces but the feet actually. The feet were introduced later and never changed. We originally used conduit boxes.

Barry has it the feet are super tight. It was a compromise between that or people breaking them trying to cinch them down to tight.

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Ok, I’ll get the rubber mallet from the garage and see if I can hammer it in. Also the kits you printed are PLA so boiling it first should help right?

Sanding the edge of the conduit really well should make it work. The issue is usually a sharp corner digging in. Conduit pipe cutters are the worst as they flare it out and leave a super sharp edge, they take the most work for the feet but don’t effect any of the rest.

No boiling water PLA softens way below 212 around 140. You can quickly make a puddle of goo.