Original mpcnc to Primo upgrade

I just noticed some cracks in my build. Looking at upgrading to Primo. Other than the plastic parts, what is the upgrade path? I assume I can use the same board and wiring. I see an upgrade path for burly but I have the original build, is that the same?

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That seems like a big question. I think it went original, 525, burly, primo. There were changes at every step though each change in itself was fairly minor. Did the original support 1” tubes? that might be the biggest expense and the burly upgrade parts would still apply. Controllers, steppers, bearings etc. could be reused. Hope that helps.


Assuming your tubes are the right size for the Primo parts that are currently out, then there are some hardware changes as Ryan standardized on just a few different bolt sizes.

All of your bearings and electrical stuff is re-useable. I think most of the other hardware was the same between the other designs, so the upgrade parts kit should work for you too.

Burly was just an iteration of the previous design. I don’t think the hardware changed much during those first iterations. I know my 525 had 0 hardware changes to get to Burly.

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Assuming you already have a leadscrew, I wouldn’t be surprised if the upgrade kit in the shop had everything. The bolts changed enough that I wouldn’t expect many of them to be reused. It has all new belts/pulleys/idlers. I haven’t done a complete inventory, but I’m guessing that’s your best bet.


Yeah the upgrade kit and some belt…I think that should have everything.

This is all if you already have 25.4mm rails, if not I do not have a conduit version yet.

Thanks everyone, I went all in for the Primo kit, this will let me build the new unit before tearing down the old, and I will have spare parts. I will reuse the board, so there is that!