Original/Ramps/ThreadedRod to Primo

Hi All, I’ve got an oldie that I’m hoping to upgrade to the latest, with the least cost/excess parts. I’ve a Prusa on the way, so printing accurate parts should not be a problem, but I’m hoping for a little clarity on the hardware to upgrade.

A quick question on software- it seems I can reuse my control board, but I would need to update the firmware to make use of the leadscrew? Or can I make edits “live” with Pronterface/Estlcam? If firmware is needed I may just jump to the SKR combo to make things easier/eliminate a PC connection.

From a brief forum search and comparing pictures, I’ve got the following list so far:
-New printed parts
-Burly->Primo Hardware kit from the store
-T8 Leadscrew/Nut
-5mm->8mm Flex Coupler
-10mm Belts

What I’m unsure about:
-Bearings? I guess the question is are the bearings the same between an original and Primo?
-New power supply? If the one in the shop is able to run the steppers and control board, I’d rather go with that over the “open” style I’ve got now.
-A bag of M3-.5 screws
-A bag of 5/16 nylon nuts

I’m sure I’ve missed something, I’ve really only skimmed through the Primo build list for a rough idea, but as I’ve “inherited” this machine, I’m not super familiar with the original details.

That sounds about right. Bearings are the same, might pick up a tube of them, your machine is pretty old, might find a few crusty ones.

You don’t say what kind of board you have. If it is a Rambo or a Ramps board, then there is now a way to flash the firmware without having to compile the source. The change for the different lead screw can be made using g-code in the current firmware ,and I expect it was also true in much older firmware. So in theory you don’t need to reflash your board. There are features in newer firmware that you might find beneficial. I don’t know the time frame but I expect the G2/G3 arc support is one of the features added since you last flashed firmware.

Thank you for confirming! And I agree, when a complete new set is only $21 through the store here buying new seems very reasonable.

Ah yes sorry, I only put it in the topic. It’s a Ramps board, and using pronterface as a controller for now. I assumed I should be OK, though I have to remind myself the proper commands to send to edit and save via gcode. It should only be a “steps” issue after all.

I do plan to update the controller and software later this year, so it’s a somewhat moot point, and the reason why I hoped I wouldn’t have to go though the hassle of flashing the board. Thank you for your input!

I missed your reference in the title to Ramps. My bad. FYI, here is a topic where I outline a simple, no compile way to flash your Ramps board. I just flashed a Ramps 1.4 board using XLoader without any problems, though no steppers are connected yet.