Other options than Estlcam

Wondering what other options people are using other than Estlcam?

I looked at xCarve today and looks nice but has a $300+ price tag.

Stumbled across Easel and wondering if anyone has had any luck using it with their MPCNC.

I generated some gcode from the Easel app but the MPCNC is responding really really slow. So there must be some sort of settings I need to change but not sure what.

It starts out as -

G1 Z0.15000 F9.0
G0 X6.71399 Y3.57034
G1 Z-0.03750 F9.0

In Easel the feed rate is listed as 32 in/min, Plunge Rate 9 in/min and Depth per Pass 0.04 in.

I am following one of their inlay tuitiorals so this is for the pocket cut of a deer background.

They are using in/min, Marlin is mm/min, so the F9 would need to be 9*25.4=228.6, so those need to be F228.6. there are probably similar ones with F32 somewhere.

Hmmm. Actually, the positions are in inches too, probably. The G20 is supposed to change it to inches.

I don’t know. That was my guess for your slow speeds. Can you change easel to use mm instead?

Did you get easel to work for you?