Ottawa burly to primo upgrade

My son returned the burly after a year at college. He used it he used it to engrave CAF branch emblems on carbon fiber wallets for classmate’s and made a few bucks for each one.

So it is home and I have started the update. Figured I would go big for the first print. THE CORE. .6 nozzle with .4 layers. 70/30/70 rectilinear infill 24mm to 116mm. Prusiaslicer said 8h34m. Final front time after tuning 10h20m.

Since his buddy ruined the Rambo I have upgraded to SKR Pro v1.2 with TFT70. The board and screen are a beast. Case I found has lots of room for any goodies I will want to add.

I have already done the firmware on the skr following the links and it was so easy. Thank you @jeffeb3 and @vicious1 for making it so quick and painles


All color B printed.

TFT70 boot screen changed to the proper one


Can I ask about your case? Is it printed? Can you provide a link to the model?

It is a printed mix and match case. Many different boards and screens supported. I found it on thingiverse but all updates are to github.

For the skr pro, the v5 pro case is needed. I went with the 2pc due to my bed size. It has a pi 3b+ in it running the V1Pi image

What tool did you use for the engraving on the wallet plates?

They were like these. Came with a cheap 3018 cnc I got before I built my burly

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Everything is printed and assembled. Still have to do cable management but couldn’t wait to try it out. Used the V1 own mount and a quick design from sandify to test.

After the quick test something that to 30 minutes to draw. Probably could have changed to speeds in estlcam.


That is a nice web pattern. Thank you for sharing.

I’m going to play with it some more and make something complicated

And i am also going to set up my duet clone to try out

If you tighten up the loops, so they grow less, and you add even a little spin, you get some really neat texture where it draws a lot, but it can be overdone and the ink can shred the paper.

I particularly like the equations for spin and grow too.

The nice thing is, they are super quick. Since I’ve been asking friends and family to vote for me, they have been requesting some drawings for their walls. I figure I can buy some frames and make something that looks like a lot of work pretty fast.

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That’s awesome! Aztec calendar right?

I saw the carbon fiber wallets your son did but I can’t think of how he made the gold finishing. Could you explain it real quickly? I’m trying to do something similar but don’t even know how that manufacturing process is called after the milling.

Sorry for the late reply. It is just filled with acrylic paint. He waited for it to dry the rubbed off the extra

Thanks a lot!

Well today was get it dirty day! I made a mistake of doing a G92 x0 y0 z0 when loading the finish gcode. I should have done the z first then the x and y. It sent the bit through part of the carving but I let it finish anyways.