Ottawa burly to primo upgrade

My son returned the burly after a year at college. He used it he used it to engrave CAF branch emblems on carbon fiber wallets for classmate’s and made a few bucks for each one.

So it is home and I have started the update. Figured I would go big for the first print. THE CORE. .6 nozzle with .4 layers. 70/30/70 rectilinear infill 24mm to 116mm. Prusiaslicer said 8h34m. Final front time after tuning 10h20m.

Since his buddy ruined the Rambo I have upgraded to SKR Pro v1.2 with TFT70. The board and screen are a beast. Case I found has lots of room for any goodies I will want to add.

I have already done the firmware on the skr following the links and it was so easy. Thank you @jeffeb3 and @vicious1 for making it so quick and painles


All color B printed.

TFT70 boot screen changed to the proper one


Can I ask about your case? Is it printed? Can you provide a link to the model?

It is a printed mix and match case. Many different boards and screens supported. I found it on thingiverse but all updates are to github.

For the skr pro, the v5 pro case is needed. I went with the 2pc due to my bed size. It has a pi 3b+ in it running the V1Pi image

What tool did you use for the engraving on the wallet plates?

They were like these. Came with a cheap 3018 cnc I got before I built my burly

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