Outside Dimensions?

I’m getting things in order before I begin to build and was wondering about the outside dimensions. I figured that I’d build a new workbench that will accommodate the MPCNC before I begin the build it. So I’m trying determine the size needed before I build anything. The calculator is great for telling me what lengths of belt and conduit is needed according to my build size, but it doesn’t tell me the space needed. What I’m thinking of is a build size of 24x36. Is there a rule of thumb or some quick estimate here?

Currently, I’m looking at building a 36x80 workbench for my personal makerspace, with a flip up expansion for when I’m working with a group. I’d be open to go bigger than the 36 a little bit if I can run the MPCNC in that direction, but I don’t want to go too big. Any advice?

The base will be as big as you cut the conduit, my conduit is 4ft x 3ft and my table is 4ft wide and 3ft 6in deep. The only reason for the extra 6 inches was to have a shelf on the edge for tools, clamps and the arduino/lcd. I could have made it 3ft deep no problem.