Over Extruding?

Sorry for starting all these topics… I just installed a new hot end, throat, extruder tip and insulation (I messed up the old one) and now I’m trying to dial this one in. Tip is still a 0.4mm tip. I didn’t change any of my slic3r settings but I think I’m over-extruding now (better insulation, hotter filament, more ooze)? It’s a little hard to tell in the pics but there is filament globbing up at the ends of the diagonal runs. Ideas?

Answered my own question - amazing what a little tweaking of the Z Axis zero will do. Then I played with my temps (lowered them by 2-3 degrees) and now I am getting almost perfect first layers - much better then before and definitely workable. I’ll have to do some more fine tuning to get it “perfect” but as one of the docs I work with always says “The enemy of Good is Perfect” lol.