Overheating extruder

I am bringing this topic into the trouble shooting section instead of on the thingiverse comments, sorry allted. If what your saying is right, and i somehow blew a mosfet on the RAMPS, you said to change the board type and use a different port for the hotend. i was using D9 like the instructions said, but read that is the bed port, and that d10 is usually used for the extruder. can i switch it to the d10, and if so, what firmware edits do i need to make? i plan to pick up another set of RAMPS if that is what is indeed wrong. you also said to cover the RAMPS, i have them in a box i printed. is that what you meant? and as far as your response time, it is more than awesome

d8 d9 d10 are interchangeable, one is not normally for the bed. The edits are in several places in the firmware, the easiest is in config.h. just change to a different ramps configuration.
Why would you get a new board, you have 3 ports you only messed up 1, if you are worried you can just replace the mosfet. make sure they are not touching each other.
Yes just a box for the electronics so they can’t get metal chips on them or touched. Make sure it is vented and preferably with a fan, this generates a lot of heat.

ok, i do have a fan vented box i made. and i will probably replace the bad mosfet if i can source one up here soon. i’ll try and figure out how to change the ramps config. like i said, i am learning.

I replaced the RAMPS heated bed MOSFET on my Robo3D printer with an IRLB3036PBF. It will also work well as a replacement for the extruder MOSFET.

It has a much lower Rds (on resistance) than the ones typically installed on RAMPS so it will run cooler.

Steve C