Overlaying text in Estlcam

I cant see it still. Ive played with this off and on all day. I tried making the toolpaths and selecting and moving the Joker text, setting what I thought I wanted done and then replacing the text into position. Not sure if I was close or not. Tough one here.

I did however try the manual selection (dots) and it wont work either due to it clinging to each letter, not both letter when one is overlapped with the word batman.

Brian I owe you a beer for sticking with it!!!

Did you say in another thread you converted a sign you were making to stl? I’m wondering if it’s easier to design it in sketckUp, export to an .stl and import it into estlcam as an .stl? I also sent Christian from estlcam an email.


Can’t see the images. You can open this forum topic in a “private” or “incognito” window to see what we see. But basically, when you share an image, it gets a different URL.

Thanks for the tip, Jeff!!!

STL will work for sure but its nice knowing how to create the paths manually. Yours said over 22 hours earlier and thats a heck of a long time. I’m in the same boat. I’m gonna need to split my job up and HOPE everything aligns up like it should.