Pandemic Playtime

Great Wave

With so many activities still closed down or greatly curtailed it’s nice having the burly to work with. I bought the .dxf file from Etsy, it’s based on a well known Japanese wooddblock print published circa 1830 that I’ve always liked. It’s 380mm square, a 4.7mm ply base with 3 layers of 2.7mm ply on top. The 2.7mm was about $11 for a 4’ x 8’ sheet at HD so not exactly Baltic Birch which I couldn’t find locally in thickness close to 3mm. A little delicate in spots and some tear-outs here and there but overall I’m pleased for a first attempt at this sort of thing. Still fascinating watching the machine sail thru these complex cuts I probably wouldn’t want to do with a coping saw.


That is awesome work Paul. :clap:

Thanks to Ryan and you and so many others who are so helpful in these forums. I was fortunate years ago to be able to play with an industrial type machine, I’m talking likely several thousand pounds of cast iron which at the time took a $5K program to allow us mere mortals to do anything useful with it. It just continues to amaze me watching this machine I assembled myself do what I’d like it to do so well. I feel very fortunate to have stumbled on V1 right around the time the pandemic was was starting to shut things down, I feel like I’m beginning to scratch the surface of its abilities and it’s an entertaining puzzle.


I wonder if using a laser to cut out the 2.7mm ply would work well?

I think the file itself was more intended for laser/CriCut. I’d questioned the seller as to its suitability for CNC and was told I might want to enlarge its size to do so, actually wound up cutting it back 5% to suit my machine. It was a good learning experience. Definitely put a laser on my ‘want’ list. Would like to get as close to Plug-N-Play as I can as I’m far more comfortable with the mechanical than the electronic. Given the potential for physical harm/fire I’d like to be well prepared from the start.

I honestly think the mill is more prone to fire than a laser (odd but true) but If you get a laser get good eye protection! But lasers are awsome, I have a 1.6W and plan on building my own upgrade. Just not sure if I want to go 5W or 7W… so many choices XD

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