parallel vs series confused!!!


I have seen both the parallel and series discussion but have a hard time figuring it out. I only have the 4.5 amp PSU and wondering for a little clarification on the best way for this one.



Series. If you have the kit the wiring harness is already to go in series.

This picture is for each set correct?

Duh! Coil 1 and coil 2


Yup, or you can kinda see how I hacked together the old wiring harness and just follow the wires. This sort of diagram is hard as the colors are always different, so colors are out and black and white confuses people. Sorry I can’t be more clear, that’s why I have them custom made.

thanks. also for long runs what do you use for wire gauge, i was using 18 awg but that might be a little bit of over kill. thoughts? I made my harness parallel but will make it series after you confirmation.

Some people use CAT5.

You didn’t specify what long runs means but anything under 20 feet I think you will be just fine. Mine are 28Ga.


thanks, i am using cat5 boding a pair for each lead. thanks.



Attached is the sketch I used for my harness, maybe it will help someone in the future. This is for the connection harness I made, so I could have used any color wires I wanted, the 2B,2A,1A,1B end is a dupont female and plugs into the ramps, the other two are dupont male connections that plug into the stepper motors. You may have to reverse one if they both don’t turn the correct way.

[attachment file=42263]

Wiring-Harness.pdf (23.1 KB)

You really can’t use colors almost every stepper has a different color scheme. People end up following the colors not the actual wire paths and end up more confused.