Parrilleras! (and settings for several exotic woods)

Hello all. A few weeks ago I posted a topic asking for appropriate settings for several hardwoods. As my first project with my mpcnc, I had wanted to make some cutting boards (parrilleras) as gifts for fellow grilling enthusiasts. Also, I just love the look and feel of exotic hardwoods found in southern Mexico. Here’s what I’ve come up with:

Granadillo and maple:
1/8" 45º V-bit 7mm/s feed rate and 30000 rpm

Chechen and oak:
12mm/s feed rate and 30000 rpm on oak

9mm/s feed rate and 30000 rpm (not the ideal settings)

I used a woodburning tool for pyrography, and then applied oil and beeswax for finishing. I’ll also be posting some more pics on my facebook page as I make new designs.

Posting this if anyone ever needs a reference on these woods!


Very nice work and woods! :+1:

Thanks a lot!

I looked up the Tzalam and it was called ‘Caribbean Walnut’ in several sources, from the pic of the piece with “LUISITO” on it I may well have guessed ‘teak-like’.

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Yes! It is very teak-like. I liked it’s texture and appearance, and the fact that it is hardwood + doesn’t leave any odors makes it great for a cutting board. I was also looking at Parota wood, but someone told me they had Tzalam that came from Yucatán so I decided to try it out. :sweat_smile:

Awesome, they look great. Well done.

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Awesome thanks for sharing your data, and your pieces look excellent! Those look like pretty light cuts… what step downs were used?

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Thanks a lot! I used a 1mm stepdown for all of the boards.


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