Parts bundle for MP3DP

Will there ever be a parts bundle for the MP3DP like there is for the MPCNC and low rider?


I haven’t had any real plans for it. There are so many printers out there, I don;t feel like mine adds anything to the table other than a frame that is made to to be milled out instead of laser cut.

The flat parts do not fit in any of the boxes I can ship with either.

If I find some time to make some improvements and add a little flavor to the design maybe I can do a full kit but for now I have most of the parts available.

No problem, I was just talking about the electronics/screws.

Are the NEMA steppers for the MP3DP the same as the ones you sell for the MPCNC?

They are what I use but they are overkill for sure.

I think you’re selling your self short. Every machine in this price range needs some mods to the in order to get them running right. I didnt have to spend the first weeks modifying your machine to start printing things i wanted to print.

Ig i where you id just add an extra shipping cost for the frame.

Inventables charges 3 shipping charges when you order their kits. It hasnt slowed them down.

Didn’t you have a deal with twelve pro or something?

I really like this printer, but my favorite thing is that I made it on my machines. If you’re comparing it to other printers, the cost/quality is average to expensive, until you print and mill your own parts. Then it’s a high quality machine with a very low price. That’s my opinion, I haven’t done the math.

No twelve pro got caught not giving me my commission…“I want my two dollars”

And when he was caught he admitted it but still didn’t want to give it to me. I asked him not to sell a full machine, only kits (because he was changing parts from my specs). He sold a few few machines anyway, didn’t pay commision and refused to do so because he had unsellable inventory (on a machine I clearly asked him not to sell in the first place). Such a bummer his cut parts were legit!

I Have another printer in the works, hopefully I can ship it. I want to change a few things from the MP3DP.

FINE!!! Be like that ;), I’ll just build another MPCNC.

But in all seriousness, I loved the fact that the MPCNC kit had everything I needed in one bundle, AND once I put it together it worked (once I plugged the LCD display the correct way). I didn’t have to monkey with ramps voltages, flash firmware, etc…it was just a well built, well thought out product. I’m tired of swapping the laser for the DW660, so it’s time to build another smaller version.