Parts for a friend's plasma LowRider2

Measure none, cut twice… The board was thicker than advertised.

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Why did you turn the hole into a pocket? You spent 90% of the time turning scrap into dust.

So did the dual endstops handle that realignment well or was that a really careful restart?

Yeah. I didn’t think about it until later.

I was careful. I never got around to installing dual endstops, even though I bought all the gear for it. I’m considering it now though. It would have worked well for drilling those 1/8" holes.


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Well, at least he didn’t have to worry about the part coming loose and breaking the mill!

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The second part worked flawlessly. I set my height in Fusion correctly and I didn’t bother milling the entire pocket - just two 8mm high tabs.

With a 1/8" flat end mill, how feasible is it to drill a 1/8" hole? I just marked the hole locations with the CNC, then went to the drill press.

With a sharp upcut bit, it’s fine. A downcut bit will wander. I did the drill press thing with one of my V1 machines (mp3dp1, maybe?) and Ryan pointed out that some of his holes were elongated. IDK if the LR2 has any, but you might have to fuss with it a bit more during assembly.

Tell your friend he needs to start a build thread for his plasma table!

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