Parts needed for rebuilding Z axis,middle assembly, and rollers

Hello all,

I have an older style machine. After having a few parts break and realizing it will be the same amount of work to replace or rebuild it, I am printing out the pieces for the new middle, Z axis, and rollers. My question is, do I need any different hardware(bolts and bearings) when I rebuild or does all the hardware transfer over?


I think you’ll need a couple more of the long bolts. Bearings are the same if I remember right.

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Oh, I am sure you will appreciate the updates coming from the first gen. I can’t wait!

You will need a 5" bolt and 4- 2.5". I think that is it.

Thank you Ryan. I really admire your enthusiasm on the forum. Meeting you at MRRF inspired me to get my rig running again. I may end up ordering some parts anyhow. My daughter wants to build a Zen XY machine. The future is looking bright.

The tools they have at there disposal is going to make for a wild future…Jetsons here we come!