parts needed, Too big for the select mini

I started printing all the parts for the mpcnc, On my Monoprice miniselect.
I’ve got just about all the parts printed and assembled. bought the electronics kit.
but one of the last parts to print in the c-xyz.stl. and its too big for the mini.
shapeways wants $36.00 to print the part. I’m looking to buy one for the 3/4 emt conduit.

I made a couple of small tweaks to that part so that it could be printed on the mini. I’m not sure exactly how much it affected the overall structure, but my MPCNC is now fully assembled and seems fully operational (haven’t tested it yet beyond just moving axis around etc).

I had to make a few other changes, I rerouted the heated bed wires so I could maximize the print space on the mini, then increased the print area in cura. Rerouting the wires is easy enough, you can do it without cutting anything, just unplug a couple of wires and run them a different way, so you can do it temporarily then put them back how they were.

If you want to try the modified file I can send you over what I ended up with.

Yes, I’ll try it. I sent you my email via PM. Thanks

If not I can send you an invoice for just those parts.

How much Ryan? Is that the biggest part of the mpcnc? I’m using the 3/4 emt conduit.

Can I get an invoice for the 6a Mini-Rambo Bundle and those two parts. I have MPmini as well and cannot print them.