Patience is a virtue

Well everyone, after all the bed adhesion and failed prints I have to say I’ve been running non stop through the new spool without hardly any adhesion issues thanks to the almighty rafts. So thanks for that. The printer must have sensed the BL Touch arriving because it’s hardly hiccuped since it arrived and it’s not even installed!

Here’s the next question then. I ganged up four feet from the burly MPCNC set and have them printing with 55% infill. Look at the status monitor! It seems like it should print a wee bit faster than that, no? Not that I’m in a hurry. Not at all…it just seems like I could probably speed things up a bit?

I believe the file is set to run at 30mm/s. The first layer was set way down to like 35% which seems to also have included the rafting but that’s just the first layer. I printed Niko the dog from Thingiverse (and dog house and bone and collar - fun print…especially with the raft…the dog was encased inside the house until the raft was peeled off. Really surprised my daughter). Anyway, that print took something like 13 hours too.

Or is this all normal and I need to find the Zen in the MP3DP?[attachment file=76507]

Yeah something is way off in your settings. Layer height has way more effect that speed. With a 0.4 nozzle I like .26-.28 layers. 30 is not bad, if you machine sounds good 35 is what I run mine at. Everyone will tell you I am a sissy though, I hate rebuilds so I take it easy on my workhorses.

You’re a printing machine. The other aspect of this is that it’s like you’re binge watching a show. Right now, you can’t stop, and you want it all, and you need to know what happens next. Soon, you’ll appreciate the wait.

At least that’s what happened to me. I am not making any money on my machines (quite the contrary), so I don’t care how utilized they are. The print about as fast as I can CAD, given the fact that I only have limited time each day to CAD or work on them.

Definitely try bumping things up. See where you can squeeze some performance, but IMHO, the first time a print fails because it printed too fast, it’s wasted the gains of dozens of prints. It’s not the most important thing to focus on (but 8 hours?).

I just set the prints up to run so the machine didn’t sit idle while I was there at my other desk and could listen/watch it. I figure if I print up the burly pieces and have them kicking around I’ll be more likely to bite the bullet (cost) and build up a dedicated laser machine.

I’ll try some layer height adjustment - these ones are at .2, that I know for sure. I haven’t touched that setting since day one. It’ll be interesting to try. I’ve got the good old calicat as a reference marker - I just wish I’d kept track of the details of each print so I could refer back. I do have them numbered at least.

I THOUGHT I had Fusion figured out enough last night so I tried starting the model of the Makita (for the tool mount I need). I quickly determined I need to do a few more tutorials yet. Hahaha…

The print will be well over 16 hours when it’s finished I’m sure. Four hours per foot? Doesn’t seem ridiculous when I look at it that way but still…going from .20 to .28 or .3 would be quite a time-shift.

So glad to hear the bed adhesion issues are knock on wood resolved.

Fusion 360 exploded my brain. For CAD I use The interface is really simple but the program is super powerful. It is online only. In a browser or an app for mobile devices. It is free as long as you are ok with your work being public so anyone can copy it. It can import and export most file types I have thought to try. A lot easier to learn than fusion 360. I was up and running on it within 30 minutes of tutorials. And it was my first CAD program. It would be worth looking at if you are ok with the publicly shared work.

Is the firmware on the MP3DP the same as the MPCNC? More specifically are the acceleration settings the same? Because they don’t need to set that low on the printer. That could be part of what is causing the long print times.

I don’t know to be honest. I know it’s the MP3DP specific firmware from Ryan. I’ve got a print queued up here (the corner bottoms) at .25 - we’ll see how that goes. I know the infill takes time too but I don’t want to skimp on that in case one day I start tearing apart the machines and mixing things all together, combining parts. I want to know they are all as sound as possible. Printing the nut traps now but the infill is completely different on them (not so demanding). The layer height seems OK.

16 hours? Pffft…I went all in this morning…I had to drop two of the Lock Corners from the print bed because the one in the back left wouldn’t lay down and the extruder kept dragging the raft over to the one in the top right . Happened three times so I gave up and ditched the two parts from the print. Pretty sure this is gonna take me to my third spool too (ordered it tonight - should be here Saturday). I’ll have to dig back and see when I started melting plastic with this thing.

This one’s gotta get close to 30 hours…unfortunately I have an ice job tomorrow all day so I’ve got to leave “in case of emergency” instructions with my wife. It’ll be at hour 20 when I have to leave. I THINK the spool should have enough…

[attachment file=76605]
[attachment file=76606]

I’m impressed!

I really miss that feature from Slic3r. Cura doesn’t let me position objects like that. It looks great.

So far so good. Rounding hour 19 and the spacer things and the two corner locks are done. Just the upper and lower corners to go. Fingers crossed…

Wow, straight to the deep end. A full plate, dang. I still rarely do that.

Haha…if only you knew it was just laziness that prompted the gang print. The risk is that the print fails on me which has been known to happen…just last week in fact when I was ready to throw the whole thing to the bin (only for a split second though I promise).

Still, I too think I’m a bit optimistic setting this print to roll. ; )

I swear it’s karma and the machine knows the BL Touch is sitting right beside it.

If it works, then you’ve saved yourself some work.

Success! Funny how the LCD switches from “hours” to “days”. Now to figure out what other parts I need to get the frame and rollers set up. (Yes, that means I need the rollers…and those other two corner locks.)

[attachment file=76676]
[attachment file=76677]

That looks beautiful! Well done.

I have never seen that. You are more brave than me. The power goes out around here way to often, and with 5 printers running a lot of time can be lost in a power outage.

Pretty cool to see a full plate finish successfully!

The MKS tft32 touch screen has the ability to resume from where you left off after a power outage. I wonder if we could get the Repetier folks to add that to Repetier-Host as well?

It’s not an issue with repetier, I think it needs to be added to Marlin.