Pay someone to flash 3 ramps boards...

Since i cant get my clone mega2560 to be recognized by any computer.I’ll be glad to pay someone to flash a few i got. Really only need 1, but never know when may need another. Need it for the mpcnc. Ill send payment with ramps for return shipping. Thanks! Tired of trying to mess with it and like to get mpcnc moving. My email-

Well, the ramps board doesn’t get flashed by anything, the Arduino does.

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Correct. The arduino plugs into the ramps and you flash the arduino 2560. Arduino is the brains and the ramps is the rest basically

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Sorry. My bad. Heck, i know that. Just loosing my mind messing with this. Sorry guys.

Did you get it flashed successfully?


If you want to call me, ill walk you through how to do it