Pay you to build a Lowrider for us?

Hi again!

So it doesn’t look like there are any ready-made Lowriders currently available for sale. So we would love to see if we could contract someone to build and program a Lowrider for us then ship it to us. We are looking for a plug and play solution and would love to pay someone to make this happen.

Any takers?


Where are you?

You should know, this is not an epson printer, and even after you have a fully working LR, you will have to learn and understand how it works and debug issues. You can buy the kit from Ryan, and some tubes and put it on a ping pong table. That’s not the hard part. If someone did those steps, who would run it?

I just want to make sure you understand that if someone showed up at your workshop and assembled it and left it, as is, you would still have a lot of work to do.

Ryan is the only authorized to sell the 3D and milled parts. If you found someone else willing to make them for you, they should contact him about it.

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Thanks for responding! We are in Las Vegas, NV and have a few cncs but no mpcncs. We are interested in getting a few if this first one works well.

Yeah we are aware of the work it will take to get it running correctly. I guess what we are looking for is a “head start” with a machine that’s already been calibrated and run a few times…so our initial adjustments at our shop is minimal.

Agreed on getting the parts. This is why I wanted to post here, I’d definitely rather pay for someone to use Ryan’s parts. I guess we are more looking for someone to handle the initial set up so we can get up to speed quicker.

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Oh man, if only I didn’t have to save my vacation time for moving…I’m a little south of phoenix and we like to get up there every year.