Peculiar issue with Rambo board

Hello All,

I bought a Rambo V1.3 from here and wanted to use it with endstops on my cnc. After adding the endstops and rewiring the X and Y steppers from the RAMPS configuration I plugged everything into the Rambo, powered it up, opened Repetier, and nothing happens. Okay, double check all the connections, then unplug all the ensdtops, still no movement at all. Then I figured I would reflash the endstop firmware to the Rambo. I download it, extract it, but when I try to compile it I get a strange error about the Uglib8 library. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


I already downloaded the firmware but I could not get it to compile (Arduino 1.8.5). It kicked back the error message from the original post.

You need to use the Arduino IDE Beta or move your compile folder closer to the root of the drive. Google filename or extension too long, there is quite a bit about it in these forums or the web. It isn’t really the uglib8 library, just that the folder is too deep in the drive structure.

Check out this thread I posted how to get around the problem with the long file name.

If you are looking for the preferences, you can find the file location by going to file drop down and then preferences Arduino.

Then you can click on the file name and it should open the directory that the Preferences file is in.

You then need to close the Arduino program then open the Preferences file with a text editor.
Add the build.path to the file as in the screen shot.

Hope that helps.



Your thread really helped me out. Thank you. I struggle with software and coding quite a bit and I appreciate every one here who takes the time to contribute