Pen and Drag knife attachment for LowRider

I did up a quick little Pen and drag knife attachment for the LowRider using MPCNC parts.

It attaches to the 2 extra y motor holes, I wanted something I could mount and leave on.

I plan on doing some drawing with Sharpies and then cutting out around.





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Got the LowRider running last night, havnt had much chance to mess with it but cut out a couple things from 1/4 birch plywood and they came out flawless, will be making another post with pictures and the such in the build section.

Sweet. The mount is cool, first email I saw this morning was the thingiverse notification about it. awesome.

Thanks for this. I’m about to try my first “crown test” with my newly assembled LowRider 2. I went online looking for ways to attach the pen. I’d already 3D printed the original pen holder (part linked below), without realizing it’s not for LowRiders but for MPCNCs such as the Primo. I then went googling and wound up here.

Re. “It attaches to the 2 extra y motor holes”

Hmm. What holes are those? Have a vacuum shoe on the one end, and a stepper motor on the other end. Am I missing something?

if it is just for doing the crown test, you can strap the pen to the vacuum part like shown here. Just strap it down so the pen doesn’t move to much. I did not do this the first time and you can clearly see the result before and after :smiley:

Thanks, but I need to not only draw for the crown test, but also will need to be doing a lot of drawing for a major project that involves both cutting and drawing. I have designed a new part that’s a remix of the part shown in this thread. It is designed to allow a pen mount to be present on the plate at all times, with the vacuum shoe in place, and leaving room for the hose.

Link to the new part: LowRider 2 MPCNC - Add On - Pen Holder MOUNT by Design8Studio - Thingiverse

I hope it’s not a breach of etiquette to post the link here in this thread. If so, I can delete here and post elsewhere. The original part is designed quite brilliantly, just does not seem to suit what I needed.

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Hi Doug - I’ve downloaded the STL of your part a few times and the file is unworkable in PrusaSlicer at least. It may have been corrupted in the upload.


OK, I found and corrected a couple of stray lines and faces, and re-uploaded it to the Thingiverse listing.

If you go to download it again, make sure the file name shows as:


…if not, either clear your browser’s cache, or temporarily switch to a different browser.

This corrected version clears both the solid checker in SketchUp and the model checker in Cura slicer.

Let me know if this corrected version does not work.

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Thanks, it works perfectly - I’ll print it in a day or two, watch this space Cheers.

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Heads up, folks. I liked the first remix (linked above), however…

  1. It protruded too far out in front of the router plate.
  2. Something bumped it (see #1), and it broke.

So I designed a new version, which mounts the pen/knife tool closer to the router plate.

Here’s the link to the new design: