Pen Mount for DW660

I was tired of removing the DeWalt 660 mount each time I wanted to switch to my pens. So I made this attachment for the DeWalt mount. Simply use the same two bolts that are used on the DeWalt mount to secure the pen mount. Here is a link to the Thingiverse page:


Looks like it could be a convenient way to mount a dial indicator to check things like how level your spoil board is. I modified an upper router clamp to do the same.

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Exactly. I used it for that as well to check height variations in the table top. My MDF table top is actually pretty flat, enough so that I do not feel the need to surface my table top in any way.

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I’ve been meaning to make one of these for months. Thank you!


I’d feel a little better about using it for a pen with some spring to it… But I’m not using the DW660, so I’d need to redesign anyhow.

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